Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Race course announced

Entering into Week 8, training has been going well. We had our first group hill workout this past Saturday out in Waltham, MA. We ran a decent 6-mile loop chock-full of hills. Ain't nothing gonna stop us come June 27! Speaking of June 27, the race course for the Inaugural 13.1 Boston has been announced and can be found at the race's website here. The course is not too far south of Boston in Milton. Being outside of Boston, I'm betting the course fairly scenic considering you can drive just a few miles north, south, or west from the city and be surrounded by trees. I'm sure the people putting the course together did a great job and I'm looking forward to running it.

I'm still tapering off of the prednisone, which I've been on since January. First I was on 40mg/day, then I tapered down to 15mg/day. But then I relapsed again so I had to go back to 40mg/day, and now I'm back down to 15mg/day again. I'm feeling really good this time around. Well, I'm feeling normal as opposed to kind of iffy. The second time around I stayed at the 40mg/day level for a few weeks. I wanted to make sure that my Crohn's was actually in remission as opposed to a suppressed relapse only to come back to haunt me a few weeks later. I have an appointment with my gastro in May sometime, so hopefully I will be back in remission and off the prednisone by then. Gah, I can't wait!

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