Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finally off prednisone!

It's official, I'm finally off prednisone. It's been a rather long journey being on that stuff for 4 months. I'm feeling great and think that this time I'm finally in remission. I was a little worried there for a while that I wasn't going to achieve remission, but I'm incredibly glad I did. I actually just met with my gastro yesterday, and I won't have to see him until November! It's nice to not have to see him for so long. It's fantastic to be back to feeling normal again.

Training has been going well. We got around to running part of the race course, including the monster hill at mile 10. The hill wasn't too bad, but of course we hit it only a couple of miles into our run and not 10 miles into our run. The hill did kind of remind me a little bit of the cross country course we used to run in Hopatcong. Both hills have a "surprise" hill, where you're running up the hill and doing great, and then you think you're going to turn the corner and be at the top. But no, you're really turning the corner and keep going up, and up at a steeper climb, too. But at least I know what to expect now. Hopefully I'll be able to get down there and run that hill again so I can really get mentally prepared for it when I hit mile 10.

Overall though, the course is beautiful. When you reach the top of the big hill, you can look out to your left and have one of the best views of the Boston skyline I've ever seen. And a good portion of the course is on the roads in the woods, which I personally love. I'm looking forward to running more and more of the course, and especially to running it on race day on June 27!

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