Monday, May 3, 2010

Love that boiled water

Mmm. Freshly boiled water. Nothing quite beats it these days.

Of course I'm hinting at the ongoing water crisis up here in Boston and the greater Boston area. Long story short, a pipe in the main water line burst along one of the seams (watch it burst here) and the city has been running on back-up reserves. The current supply of water has been coming from our nearby Chestnut Hill reservoir, and even though the water is pretty clean it's still essentially pond water, so we have to boil water for consumption. All things considered, it's really not that bad. People of course freak out and stock up on a year's supply of bottled water, depleting the local grocery store of any water whatsoever. Whatever, my roommates and I just boiled a couple pots of water and poured it through our Brita filter. I think we'll survive. I'm more or less nervous about what will happen to the supply of Sam Adams Summer Ale since the Sam Adams brewery suspended all their brewing.

They've already repaired the seam and are currently flooding the system with clean, probably highly chlorinated water. Even though the weather was hot and sunny today, I had to avoid the occasional surprise flood from pipes pouring the dirty water down the street and into storm drains. Other than that I had a pleasant 4-mile run this afternoon. The worst was coming home and having only a tall glass of warm, room-temperature water to drink. Gross.

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  1. Sam Summer - ruining running habits since Spring 2010.