Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting ready - 3 days left!

Alright so it's official. There's only 3 days until the half-marathon! I'm excited, a little nervous, and definitely ready. You only get one "first" race of any kind, and I'm absolutely pumped that my first half-marathon is going to with Team Challenge to benefit the CCFA. I honestly can't think of a better combination.

It's been a long journey, but it's been completely worthwhile. Meeting everyone on Team Challenge New England has been both comforting and inspiring. On one hand there's a lot of people who can relate to living with Crohn's and colitis, and there's also people who are living with the disease who are just flat out inspiring. While I'm going out there on Sunday to run the race to prove to myself that I can still do everything I want to do despite my Crohn's, I'm also running for everyone else living with the disease that can't do it. I can already feel there's probably going to be a wave of emotion that will come over me after crossing the finish line, but to me that'll just be a definitive sign that all of this hard work and getting through training despite relapsing has been worth it.

I can't thank everyone enough for their support throughout this whole process. When you give to the CCFA you are literally helping to fund the best research in the field, and personally I can't be grateful enough. Thank you.

I'll be posting daily updates from here on out and will definitely be letting you know how it goes on Sunday!

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