Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting for the MCAT

I have to be honest. I can't wait until this MCAT is over! Everything I've been doing for the past two months has been focused on doing well on the MCAT. But now it's just a little over a week away, and I'm actually getting antsy to just take it. I just have a few topics I want to brush up on and two more practice tests to take before I'll feel completely ready for it, but that's about it. But I feel like I've been putting everything off until after the exam, which is understandable of course, but still. I want to really get into training, but can't really go full-force into that until I take this exam. But it's almost here, and not a moment too soon because the weather's getting considerably nicer out and if I was taking it any later I'd be seriously distracted by wanting to skip studying to go do something outside.

I'm really looking forward to after the exam when I can start focusing more of my energy on training. It's not that I haven't been training, because I went on an hour-long run the other morning in which I covered a little over 8 miles. I was going at a steady pace too, so I'm starting to think that I should be able to break 1:30 for my half-marathon time. But I'll have to wait until they actually come out with the course and see where it is and how hilly it's going to be.

But I'm feeling good and looking forward to the rest of my runs for the week. Nothing too big planned, just some morning runs before work and then the group run with Team Challenge New England this upcoming Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to it, especially since the weather should be so much better than last weekend!

In the meantime I'll be working on my training plan, thinking of a goal time, and working on some fundraiser ideas. Wine and beer tasting anyone? I'll work on that, but only after my MCAT!

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